Memory problems

It seems as though every time I come to this site, it has changed.  It confuses me sometimes (which I am not ashamed to say) Anyway, some time ago I realized I have a memory problem at times. For example: when  my children were growing up, I thought I worked a lot of years for 12… More Memory problems

stop the crying

I am so sensitive I cannot distinguish between me and the bipolar.  Lately, everyday I break down and cry.  Sometimes, it seems that I even forget to breathe.  What is going on with me? I am wondering if I need a medication adjustment or am I having mixed episodes from day to day. I realize… More stop the crying

A little lost

At one point I felt I was on a good path to doing some good things in my life to help other people. Lately, I feel as though I am just walking in circles.  I have no idea what I am doing. I feel as though my head is in a fog.  I have no… More A little lost