My heart is overwhelmed

Blogging is something very new to me.  I know there are other bipolar people or depressed people or people with other mood disorders that experience some of the same things I do.  The same waves of highs and lows of bipolar.  The dark days of depression or just the moments of confusion how to take the next step in getting dressed while your mind is running miles ahead of you.

Thank you for reading my blog.  It keeps me going to know that someone else is reading and following it.  Somedays, this is the one thing I do if nothing else.  That makes this my awesome day.

Remember:  Purpose to have an awesome day by your standards.

Love to you all.

Stay strong, positive, surround yourself with a great support system, and mental health team and keep reading.  I hope it encourages you to visit the site as much as it helps me to get things out of me to you, to share with you.  Together we are a lifeline for each other.

yours truly

pb aka peanut butter


Author: Fighter

I finally accepted what people have been telling me. I am full of knowledge and wisdom and I am unforgettable. My word of encouragement since 2015 has been to let others know, despite the waves and ripples in our lives, Life is totally awesome, even with a mental illness. I believe my purpose is to encourage others, advocate for those around me who have not yet found their voice to advocate for themselves and educate those without a mental illness. If for one for minute someone laughs or smiles because of something I said, that is one moment they did not think about mental illness.

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