Happy to be me again

06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure
06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure (Photo credit: StormLoverSwin93)

I feel good. Stronger mentally and emotionally.  I feel more relaxed and a better me.  Worked on some issues that contributed to my depression that I did not know existed.


At first I was fighting being hospitalized because I was sure I knew what I was depressed about, but I was kidding myself and doing a good job of it.  When I stopped fighting myself for being there, the real work began.  I discovered underlying issues that needed to be worked on.


Rainbow lorikeet in Victoria, Australia.
Rainbow lorikeet in Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The experience was bitter sweet because I wish it could have been avoided but when we need help and run out of answers we need to take it to the next level of care.  Now I know what else to work on.


I am also going to research where I should go if I get into this situation again.  Where you are can help you accept hospitalization more quickly and get on the road to recovery sooner.  You may not need total hospitalization.  You may only need partial, but you need to know your options and where to go ahead of time.  Get something in place and let someone know.


With bipolar disorder, you might not know the cause of the depression or what triggers it, but when it becomes overwhelming you should not be afraid to seek out help.  You may need to reach out to someone in your support group or to your therapist, psychiatrist or even go to a hospital.  Just get the help you need.  It is vital.  Remember, mental illness does not go away.  There is no cure, but it is treatable.


love to all.  be good to you and purpose to have an awesome day.


pb aka peanut butter



Author: Fighter

I finally accepted what people have been telling me. I am full of knowledge and wisdom and I am unforgettable. My word of encouragement since 2015 has been to let others know, despite the waves and ripples in our lives, Life is totally awesome, even with a mental illness. I believe my purpose is to encourage others, advocate for those around me who have not yet found their voice to advocate for themselves and educate those without a mental illness. If for one for minute someone laughs or smiles because of something I said, that is one moment they did not think about mental illness.

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