Living moment by moment

Waves breaking at Porto Covo, west coast of Po...
Waves breaking at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find that living with bipolar 1, also known as manic-depression.  I must live moment by moment and not always day by day.

In addition to bipolar disorder, I also struggle with anxiety and panic disorder.  They seem to go hand in hand for me right now.  But I am working it as well.

Anxiety and panic can turn my life upside down at the drop of a hat.  One minute I am fine, the next minute I can be experiencing feelings totally out of my control and for what seems to be no apparent reason.

When this happens, whatever I may have planned to do may have to wait.  Whatever I was doing, may have to stop.  There is no warning and so it is not something I can prepare for.   I can be in normal rhythm, manic or depressed.  It has no set time.

I am struggling with bipolar and am striving to be mentally healthy all while trying not to sweat the small stuff.  Easier said than done some days.

But,  I will do what I need to do and take my medications, go to therapy, attend groups, attend support groups and read and educate myself to new coping skills and ways to combat all that I struggle with.  Sometimes daily and sometimes, multiple times during the day.

After all is said and done, is is still marvelous to be among the living.  As long as I am among the living, there is hope for a brighter day.  I am not waiting for a brighter tomorrow.   I have to do all that is within my grasp to make today a brighter day whether it starts out that way or not.

Sometimes, I fail, but I try again tomorrow.




Author: Fighter

I finally accepted what people have been telling me. I am full of knowledge and wisdom and I am unforgettable. My word of encouragement since 2015 has been to let others know, despite the waves and ripples in our lives, Life is totally awesome, even with a mental illness. I believe my purpose is to encourage others, advocate for those around me who have not yet found their voice to advocate for themselves and educate those without a mental illness. If for one for minute someone laughs or smiles because of something I said, that is one moment they did not think about mental illness.

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