Alone vs. lonliness

Lately I have been feeling more alone than lonely.

I feel like I cannot turn to people in my support system. They have their own issues in life and I feel it is selfish to talk to them about what I am feeling. 

With some I have tried to talk to but feel blown off. Others, I feel l like I should not tell the truth when I am fighting against the pull of depression or trying to keep full mania from taking over.

Are these people really part of a support system for my mental wellness or have I been fooling myself because I have felt comfortable being honest on occasion? 

Is this my reality that they are not really go to people or is this stinking thinking?

Feedback please. How do you know when someone is part of a support system for your mental battle?  


Author: Fighter

I finally accepted what people have been telling me. I am full of knowledge and wisdom and I am unforgettable. My word of encouragement since 2015 has been to let others know, despite the waves and ripples in our lives, Life is totally awesome, even with a mental illness. I believe my purpose is to encourage others, advocate for those around me who have not yet found their voice to advocate for themselves and educate those without a mental illness. If for one for minute someone laughs or smiles because of something I said, that is one moment they did not think about mental illness.

2 thoughts on “Alone vs. lonliness”

  1. I’m working on figuring this out myself. I go back and forth between wanting to talk to everyone I care about so that I have support and not wanting to freak anybody out. As a result I have long periods of either silence or “fake” which really aren’t good for me.

    1. I guess I had to finally realize that my family cannot always be part of my support system, especially my children. I am thankful that my therapist is always a support for me. Some will say she gets paid to be that, but not this one. She is always there when I am in need of support. She is always only a phone call away, but I do not abuse this privilege. I am just glad that no matter where I am, I can reach out to her.

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