Give me a tiny violin


When people would just complain and feel sorry for themselves or have a woe is me attitude like I have been having over the last few posts one would hand play an imaginary tiny violin.

Thank you for bearing with me while having my pity party.

Well, this is my tiny violin for whining.

I read someone that family, friends and sometimes even us, cannot tell the difference between the behavior: is it the illness or just us, in my case, a little of both.

Now that I no longer have that woe is me attitude ( some me and some the illness)  all is well again (it appears to be alright now, but who knows when it will show up again)

It does create havoc for both me and the person who gets the brunt of my irritability and paranoia.  I have to hope that the other person can tell the difference, me or the illness.

I am asking the impossible.  How can they tell, when sometimes I can’t tell.  By the time I realize I am in anger or rage mode of mania, it is too late.

So far I have been forgiven but how much more can they take of behavior they do not understand?



Merry Christmas

Festival of Trees fine tatted lace ornaments C...
Festival of Trees fine tatted lace ornaments Christmas Tree (Photo credit: tsayrate)

Although many of us will not be with family, friends and loves ones today, we can all purpose to have an awesome day if we are not alone.  There lies the awesomeness of today,  that we are not alone on this special day and that we are still here to be a part of it.

I thank God today is a different feeling than Thanksgiving was.

I feel stronger in every way.

I did something impulsive that might come back to bite me in the butt, but I plan on having an a good day inspite of my impulsive


My anti-depressant medication is working and I am spending the day with one of my support people and I got up around 6 am, a milestone.

So, I purpose to have an awesome day and enjoy my eureka moments.

You do the same.  Merry Christmas

love to all

pb aka peanut butter