Hi, and welcome to My Bipolar World

This is where I share how I am doing.  How I am living as a person with bipolar.  I hope you will choose to use this as a forum to share your struggles and triumphs as well.

Bipolar, like any other mental illness can be lonely at times.  It can also be a roller coaster of emotions and actions with serious consequences.  It can be confusing, frustrating and leave us wanting to give up on life, love, relationships, etc.

By sharing how I am feeling on any given day, how my emotions are running or when stinking thinking is causing me problems or is the reason behind irrational behavior, outbursts that leave a mess of hurt feelings and things like that, I hope that we can form a community to help support and encourage each other.

No one should ever feel alone or suffer in silence because no one around us understands how we feel or why we sometimes do the things we do.

This is not a clinical or therapeutic blog.  It is a place where we are anonymous to each other, but connected in some way.

This online journal is a look into my bipolar world.  I am sure you will notice some things are the same for you.

When I journal, the words flow from what seems like no where right onto the page.  As a result you may see grammatical errors or fragmented sentences or to many topics in one paragraph.  Please do not be discouraged.  I am not doing it on purpose.  Sometimes it seems as though the words bypass my thought process and go right onto the page.

This is my bipolar world where sometimes things just don’t make sense.  Feel free to share and make it our bipolar world.

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