Where to go for help

The first thing is find a good psychiatrist who understands bipolar.  A good therapist is also a must as well as a good support system.

If you can, find a support group in your area such as;


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.  This organization provides information on depression and bipolar disorder.  There are online tools to help you learn to live with bipolar, and they have support groups across the USA.  You can find one near you on their website.  Also check out their tool box.  This group is run by peers.  Others who are living with bipolar.


NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  This organization advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research regarding mental illness.  It helps raise awareness in the community and educates the public about mental illness.  NAMI also has support groups for all mental illnesses, not just bipolar.

These groups are open to anyone with bipolar as well as their loved ones.

Check out Mental Health organizations in your area.  You can google them or ask your primary care physician.

Great source of online information:

National Institute of Mental Health.  Information on bipolar and other mental illnesses.



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